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Clandeblog Planning a wedding from abroad: Holly & Caleb's story

Planning a wedding from abroad can feel daunting, yet Holly and Caleb's story shows just how seamless and memorable it can be!

Living in Canada, Holly and Caleb's decision to celebrate at Clandeboye Lodge allowed them to have their winter wedding of dreams!

Love knows no distance

Wedding couple at Clandeboye Lodge
Little Big Photography NI

Originating from different corners of the globe, Caleb from Canada and Holly from Northern Ireland, they first crossed paths at university when Holly was studying abroad.

When it came to tying the knot, they decided to celebrate in the place where Holly grew up - Northern Ireland. This meant they had wedding guests travel all the way from Canada - some of them had never been on a plane before!

The perfect location

Bridal party outside Clandeboye Lodge
Little Big Photography NI

Accessibility for their international guests was important for Holly and Caleb when choosing their wedding venue in Northern Ireland. The location of Clandeboye Lodge not only offered convenience but also captured the essence of Northern Ireland's charm.

"For us, it was crucial that our wedding venue was accessible for our numerous guests traveling from Canada. We wanted a location that not only offered convenience but also encapsulated the charm of Northern Ireland. Bangor, with its scenic coast and vibrant local life, was the perfect location. Its proximity to Belfast, just a short train ride away, meant our guests could enjoy the best of both worlds!"

All-inclusive wedding package

Winter wedding setup at Clandeboye Lodge

The Love Winter package at Clandeboye Lodge was perfect for Holly and Caleb. It offered an all-inclusive solution that simplified their planning process while also delivering exceptional value.

"When we discovered the Clandeboye Lodge's Winter Package, we were blown away by the value it offered. The package covered almost everything we needed. This all-inclusive approach is a rarity in Canada, and it significantly eased the planning process for us.”

Seamless planning

Wedding preparations at Clandeboye Lodge
Little Big Photography NI

From across the Atlantic, Holly and Caleb received dedicated planning support from the Wedding Team at Clandeboye Lodge, ensuring their experience was seamless and stress-free

“Our wedding coordinator, Kirsty, was so on the ball with anything we needed and we felt so comfortable with her! Her expertise and warmth made us feel at ease throughout the planning process. She ensured we had everything we needed, from the essentials to the finer details, making our wedding planning experience seamless and enjoyable from abroad.”

Luxurious amenities

The Ultra-luxe Suite at Clandeboye Lodge

Weddings at Clandeboye Lodge are celebrated in a dedicated building separate from the hotel, ensuring privacy and exclusivity for your special day. However, wedding guests have full access to the hotel's luxurious amenities. This includes the stylish bedrooms and suites, as well as dining at the Coq & Bull brasserie for guests extending their stay.

“The facilities for the Clandeboye Lodge are luxurious and just such a treat! Every guest who stayed at the hotel felt pampered! The gardens were just gorgeous for our photos, even in winter, and the food at the Coq & Bull is without a doubt delicious! We also had the treat of being able to stay in the Ultra-luxe Suite - it was the perfect place to get ready on my wedding morning! My bridesmaids and I had the best time getting our hair and makeup done!”

Endless photo opportunities

Wedding couple outside a wedding venue in Northern Ireland
Little Big Photography NI

Choosing a winter wedding allowed Holly and Caleb to embrace the best of season, with Clandeboye Lodge offering the perfect setting. They didn't need to travel elsewhere for beautiful photographs! The convenience of having all aspects of their wedding in one location meant more precious moments spent with friends and family who travelled from across the globe.

“I recommend getting married at winter! Summer weddings may have their charm, but a winter wedding at the Clandeboye Lodge is truly something special. The ability to have every part of our wedding on-site, from morning preparations to the evening reception, allowed us to fully enjoy the company of our loved ones without the worry of transportation logistics. I also loved the ceremony room of the Blackwood Suite - it is a gorgeous space that needs minimal decor!”

Weddings at Clandeboye Lodge

Wedding couple at Clandeboye Lodge
Little Big Photography NI

Holly and Caleb's winter wedding is just one example of how we can bring your dream day to life, no matter where you're planning from. We can make your wedding day as seamless and special as Holly and Caleb's! Discover weddings at Clandeboye Lodge.

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