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At Clandeboye Lodge, we recognise the effects of climate change and have been working behind the scenes for several years to reduce our impact on the environment and to keep Northern Ireland beautiful. Just like you, we love to be inspired and rejuvenated by all that Northern Ireland has to offer. Our landscape and coastline are both stunning and timeless - but like natural environments all over the world, are also fragile and under threat.

We are proud to be a family business and we are passionate about making sure our beautiful country is here to enjoy for generations to come. Below are some of the sustainable initiatives we have in place:

Waste reduction

We are committed to sustainable waste management by recycling glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, food and garden waste, ensuring nearly all waste is recycled or reused. To cut down on single-use plastics, we offer branded glass water bottles in guest rooms and meeting areas. We also use Irish brand VOYA’s sustainable toiletries, reducing plastic waste by approximately 35,000 bottles annually. Our garden waste and food waste are efficiently recycled for energy production or composting, with cooking oil and kitchen grease recycled appropriately. Battery disposal and towel reuse programmes further our sustainable practices, while unclaimed guest items are donated to local charities.

Food provenance

We focus on sustainable, seasonal menus and source our fish, meat, cheese, and vegetables from local growers and suppliers as much as possible, helping to support local farmers and helping to cut down on unnecessary food miles. Local food suppliers include Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt, Keenan Seafood, Coyagh Farm, North Down Fruit & Veg, Lisdergan Butchery, Clements Eggs and Draynes Farm. Additionally, our chefs use herbs from our hotel garden to compliment and garnish dishes.

Water conservation

We monitor water consumption monthly to address any unusual usage patterns, like leaks, and have implemented several water-saving technologies throughout the hotel. Dual-flush toilets are installed in all guest and public restrooms, alongside sensor-controlled taps to minimise water wastage. Our efforts extend to low-flow shower heads and small-capacity cisterns in bathrooms to further reduce water use. We have an on-demand water heating system that generates hot water as needed, eliminating the need for energy-consuming storage vessels. Additionally, we use pre-set dispensers for washing detergents to avoid excess and have installed grease tanks to prevent grease from contaminating the wastewater system.

Energy savings

Our event suites are equipped with air handling units that boast a 76% heat recovery rate, contributing to a 35% energy saving. Extensive LED lighting, controlled by motion sensors and PIR installations in back-of-house areas, minimises unnecessary energy consumption. Additionally, solar panels on our flat roofs contribute to our energy supply from renewable sources. We provide electric vehicle charging points in our car park to encourage sustainable transportation options.


Our gardens feature a variety of plants that support a range of habitats and attract diverse insect species. Our landscape contractors, who have achieved Biodiversity Platinum Status and employ environmentally sound practices, use battery-operated equipment and minimal pesticides, opting instead for natural mulching. Additionally, our kitchen extension boasts a sedum blanket roof made of sea-hardened moss from Irish shores, which not only supports biodiversity but also improves air quality and reduces energy costs by absorbing heat.

Every step we take is aimed at ensuring that when you stay with us, you not only enjoy the highest standards of comfort and hospitality but also feel good knowing that we are doing our best to protect the natural beauty of Northern Ireland.

Mandy and Pim Dalm
On behalf of all at Clandeboye Lodge

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