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Clandeblog Recipe: Coq & Bull 'Bramble' cocktail

Who doesn’t love a great cocktail? We couldn't resist sharing the recipe of one of our most popular summer treats with you... the Coq & Bull ‘Bramble’ cocktail!

The Coq & Bull 'Bramble' is a refreshing concoction of gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon or lime juice and sugar syrup – the ultimate summer cocktail!

Man shaking a cocktail shaker in the process of making a Bramble cocktail


35ml local gin

25ml Chambord

25ml sugar syrup

½ lime squeezed

Crushed ice

Lime, mint sprig and a blackberry (if in season) to serve


1. Chill your rocks glass and add ice to your cocktail shaker.

2. Add 35ml of gin, ½ lime squeezed, 25ml sugar syrup, and 25ml Chambord to your cocktail shaker and shake!

4. Using a strainer, strain the contents from your cocktail shaker into your rocks glass.

5. Add crushed ice to your glass so it is just over halfway filled.

6. Add 2 lime wheels and 4 halved blackberries to your cocktail. Using a spoon, push these down to the bottom of the glass.

7. Top up with more crushed ice.

8. Serve with a mint sprig, blackberries and a lime wheel and enjoy!

Watch the video:

Our in-house mixologist, Ryan, shares how to make this Bramble cocktail from home. Watch as he talks through all of these steps from start-to-finish...

There's nothing quite like having a refreshing cocktail made for you! If you want to sip, savour and indulge in a cocktail like never before, the Coq & Bull is the perfect place for you! We offer an extensive list of cocktails that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Why not try this refreshing cocktail with a delicious meal at Coq & Bull? Book your table.

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