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Clandeblog Coq & Bull's Sunday roast: 5 tempting reasons to book

Whether you like to dine at lunchtime, mid-afternoon or dinner time on a Sunday, you’ll find you’re spoilt for the choice of delicious dishes at the Coq & Bull brasserie.

1. Enjoy the best local and seasonal ingredients

Sunday roast in Northern Ireland
Chef serving Sunday lunch at the Coq & Bull brasserie

Dining out for Sunday lunch means you can enjoy the best local and seasonal ingredients without having to shop and prepare them yourself. At the Coq & Bull brasserie we take pride in sourcing local Northern Irish produce. From the Sunday roast special to a range of other meat, fish and veggie dishes, you’ll be able savour the flavours of the season.

2. You get to relax while we do the cooking

Sunday roast in Northern Ireland
Roast beef dinner at the Coq & Bull brasserie

It’s Sunday and you deserve a day off, so the last thing you want to do is spend hours cooking and cleaning up after a big family meal. This is why dining out for your Sunday roast is a great idea. It's the perfect way to unwind after a busy week. So, why not trade in your apron for a Sunday lunch or dinner reservation and let someone else do the cooking and washing up?

3. Spend quality time with family

Family walking through the gardens after a Sunday roast in Northern Ireland
Family walk in the gardens at Clandeboye Lodge

During the week it can be hard to find quality time to spend with family. That’s why a Sunday roast with us can be a lovely way to end the weekend! It allows you to slow down and enjoy a leisurely meal whilst catching up with the ones you love.

At the Coq & Bull brasserie, you can enjoy a special Sunday lunch with your family on special occasions such as on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter Sunday. And at Christmas you can enjoy a deliciously festive Christmas dinner.

4. Sunday lunch tradition with a twist

Sunday roast in Northern Ireland
Coq & Bull brasserie interior

The Coq & Bull's twist on a classic Sunday lunch includes all the trimmings and classic dishes but we’ve also a range of brasserie-style dishes to choose from. The traditional atmosphere of our classic country location is complemented by the modern and eclectic décor of our brasserie. After lunch, you can take a leisurely stroll through our beautiful grounds or nearby woodlands and coastal paths to round off a delightful afternoon.

5. Enjoy a range of wines and cocktails

Wine collection at a restaurant in Northern Ireland
A range of wines available

Whether it’s a casual Sunday or you’re celebrating a special occasion, you can make the most of your Sunday lunch by enjoying a range of wines and cocktails that you may not have at home. Our friendly team can offer suggestions and recommendations based on your preferences and the flavours of the dish. For instance, if you’re opting for the roast beef dinner, a full-bodied red wine will complement the dish well.

Sunday lunch at the Coq & Bull brasserie

Sunday lunch in Northern Ireland
Main menu items at the Coq & Bull brasserie

For an unforgettable Sunday lunch in Northern Ireland, make your way to the Coq & Bull brasserie! Our Sunday roast features succulent roast beef, perfectly cooked vegetables, and delectable sides and is available from 12-4pm. But that's not all - you can also choose from our main menu which boasts a variety of local meat, fish, and plant-based dishes. And don't forget to save room for one of our delectable desserts! Book a table online now.

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